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Efficient New Jersey Business Lawyers Deliver Results

Hands-on case management builds trust while saving time and expense

The McKenna Law Firm, LLC provides skilled representation in a variety of areas that support the formation, growth and expansion of businesses in the greater New York area. Approaching 50 years of combined experience in transactional law and litigation, our talented attorneys capitalize on the creativity and flexibility of our boutique firm to deliver superior service swiftly and economically. Our offices in Spring Lake, NJ and Jersey City are dedicated to providing cutting edge legal strategies on complex commercial matters.

Aggressive and responsive law firm rewards client confidence

Working in and around New York City, we understand the lure of large firms with well-known names, and we accept that we must elevate our level of service to compete. Clients who choose The McKenna Law Firm, LLC  reap the benefit of our distinctive approach to legal services, including:

  • Personalized case management that focuses sharply on client goals
  • Trial experience that guides a streamlined approach to litigation
  • Innovative fee schedules that maximize resources and minimize exposure to burdensome costs

Our objective is to deliver the benefits of a large firm coupled with the economies and comforts of a boutique firm. We devote focused energy to each case, directed toward the expeditious and effective resolution of your legal matter. Clients enjoy direct access to a highly professional, courteous and responsive business lawyer.

Our trial and appellate experience informs our clear understanding of the factual and legal proofs required to resolve your disputes. This clarity allows us to optimize our use of resources. Rather than proceed with pro forma expenditures, we move according to a strategic plan that eliminates wasteful exercises. Thus, we avoid unnecessary billing events, adding value to our services, even as we deliver your best possible results.

Our fee program allows for modifications to traditional hourly billing. Where appropriate, and in compliance with applicable court rules, the firm handles complex matters on a contingency fee basis. Alternatively, we may cap our fees to eliminate uncertainty regarding the ultimate cost of a legal action.

Reliable results for New York area business clients

The McKenna Law Firm, LLC  strives to provide your business with the highest quality legal service in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our efficient service extends to:

Contact an aggressive greater New York area business law firm

The McKenna Law Firm, LLC  is dedicated to delivering results for your business. Call us today at 201-633-6550 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled business attorneys. You can also view Mr. McKenna’s LinkedIn profile here.