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Aggressive Greater New York City Business Attorneys Deliver Strategic Advantages

Small-firm responsiveness, large-firm results at a reasonable cost

The greater New York City area is the most competitive business environment in the world. To succeed here, a company needs every possible advantage. The McKenna Law Firm, LLC, drawing on more than 48 years of combined legal experience, has devised a focused, hands-on approach to client service that delivers impressive benefits in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Our firm features:

  • Direct attorney contact, resulting in a sharp focus on your business goals
  • A streamlined approach to litigation that eliminates unnecessary expenditures
  • Innovative fee structures to optimize resources and limit litigation costs

Many emerging companies seek an edge by hiring the largest, most reputable and, incidentally, most expensive law firm available. This strategy often leads to frustration, when larger corporate clients with more pressing needs push the smaller company onto the back burner. At The McKenna Law Firm, LLC, the smaller  company enjoys frequent, direct communication with the skilled attorney who is managing that company’s cases. Our competitive instinct drives us to find ways to deliver optimal results at the lowest possible cost.

Experienced litigators focused on your business goals

Litigation experience is vital when your company is mired in a legal dispute. But the same experience that produces clear, concise and persuasive court arguments also trains your attorney to focus sharply on your goals in other aspects of legal representation. At The McKenna Law Firm, LLC, we’re proud of the results we’ve achieved in court, but we also know how to transfer those litigation skills to transactions and negotiations. Because we anticipate points of contention, we can develop creative solutions before these issues impede your business success, saving you time and expense as you move forward with your enterprise.

Close contact and focused energy foster creative legal solutions

Your personal business attorney at The McKenna Law Firm, LLC is determined to produce results that support your business objectives. Our full-service representation encompasses:

  • Commercial and Business disputes and litigation — Capable courtroom representation in breach of contract and related actions
  • Insurance law — Defending your company’s rights as a policy holder
  • Privacy Rights — Assertive representation in the world’s largest sports and entertainment market
  • Appellate practice — Arguments before higher state and federal courts
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) — Cost-saving strategies for resolving business conflicts, such as arbitration and mediation

Contact a determined greater New York City business law firm for a competitive advantage

The McKenna Law Firm, LLC  is an energetic, creative and competitive business law firm offering big services in a small package. To schedule a consultation, call us at 201-633-6550 or contact us online.