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Shareholder and Partner Dispute Resolution

Preserve your business interests with an experienced litigator

At the McKenna Law Firm, we counsel businesses, corporations, partnerships and other organizations in resolving and preventing shareholder disagreements. Though at one time, owners and shareholders may have agreed on business terms, divergent goals and strategies can potentially cause major conflicts. Minority shareholders may feel their enterprise interests are neglected, while majority stakeholders believe they are acting in the best interests of the company. On occasion, larger problems, such as fraud and embezzlement, can drain a corporation’s resources, forever tarnishing their reputation.

Our attorneys seek to identify issues between shareholders, craft a creative solution to the problem and reach an amicable, confidential resolution. Even small-scale business disputes, if not managed properly, threaten a company’s well-being. A business’ future financial success is often dependent upon resolution of these multi-faceted disagreements between owners.

Types of shareholder disputes we handle

The lawyers at the McKenna Law Firm are dedicated to settling shareholder disputes with dignity, minimizing damages and preserving business relationships. We respect that friction can be caused by a number of root problems and that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution for your unique organization. That is why our attorneys provide counsel in a wide-variety of disputes:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of shareholder agreements
  • Disparities between salaries
  • Conflicting business interests
  • Exclusion from board meetings
  • Fraud or embezzlement
  • Minority shareholder conflicts
  • Majority shareholder conflicts
  • Equal percentage business-owner conflicts

A simple misunderstanding can escalate into a disastrous complication, so when drafting shareholder agreements, we make sure the terms are as clear as possible. Even with iron-clad documentation, disputes are bound to arise. Having knowledgeable counsel on your side is imperative in these situations.

Cost-effective solutions to your business problems

The McKenna Law Firm offers big-firm results with dedication and pricing. Our firm has the resources to investigate claims from every angle. In addition, attorneys have the negotiation skills to avoid litigation. Taking a case to court is expensive and time-consuming — our lawyers are dedicated to settling cases through alternative dispute resolution.

A variety of factors can influence the outcome of your dispute, including shareholders’ percentage of ownership, terms of applicable documents and the conflict in question. Due to these varying circumstances, our firm devises the most effective solution to custom-fit your business’ needs.

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